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Platform Communications announces its official launch - unveiling its initial team and taking on work for a wide range of clients with interests ranging from economic and resource development to large-scale issue advocacy projects.

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The Platform team continues to expand the firm’s clientele – providing strategic communication and public affairs support for Foxconn as the Fortune 500 company established roots in the U.S.

Platform began stacking up massive public advocacy wins for its clients, leading campaigns that ultimately lead to the repeal of the state’s longstanding moratorium on mining, and messaging efforts that helped secure the bipartisan legislative passage of a monumental act to support victims of crime known as Marsy’s Law.

Focusing on new areas of growth, Platform begins providing communications services and strategic advising to a variety of organizations needing crisis communications services, including law firms, additional advocacy organizations, and think tanks such as the Institute for Reforming Government and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

The company continues to expand its client base - now offering public relations, issue advocacy, and general public affairs support to Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers as well as a wide array of trade associations, and clients with statewide and national reach.

As global attention turned to the Covid-19 pandemic, Platform quickly adapts with the times and helps launch and lead a statewide coalition effort to “Stop the Covid Spread” backed by health care professionals and that included support from professional sports teams and dozens of businesses from around the state. As a part of these and other efforts, Platform also produces a number of public service announcements that featured prominent leaders – including representatives of the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and others – some of which went on to receive accolades from the American Association of Political Consultants.

After having been approved for a second time by the state legislature one year prior, Marsy’s Law is approved in a statewide referendum by 76% of voters after extensive coalition building, public advocacy and communications efforts were all undertaken by Platform.


With a need growing for quality marketing and digital advocacy services, Platform announces an expansion in the firm’s offerings with the creation of a Marketing and Digital Division within the company.

Built for success and for working across political divides, Platform helps successfully navigate communications efforts around the renegotiation efforts between Foxconn and the State of Wisconsin, ultimately helping to provide successfully negotiated terms for the international company from both Republican and Democratic governors.

Once again, Platform diversifies its client portfolio in adding clients focused on developing renewable energy – offering public affairs, grassroots and communication services to a series of projects both in Wisconsin and across the country.

Expanding its roster again, Platform adds a variety of coalition and private sector clients; operating communications efforts across the Midwest and in key battleground states across the county.

In celebrating five years of success, the company continued to mark a number of victories including signing a number of grassroots advocacy clients and marketing-specific projects.

Rising to meet the growing demand for public advocacy and strategic communications, Platform announced an expansion of the firm’s services in creating a new Public Affairs Division within the company.

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