Anthony Birch

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Anthony Birch

Anthony Birch is an experienced marketer, communicator and story-teller who has honed his skills on Sen. Ron Johnson’s successful re-election, in the U.S. Senate for Sen. Lamar Alexander, at Targeted Victory where he worked with renowned political campaigns and national political committees on their marketing and digital programs, at Wisconsin’s state chamber of commerce Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) and with the Fortune 1000 energy technology company Generac.

Anthony’s marketing, communications and story-telling skills have been refined through tangible success in his roles that have come from leading holistic ad strategy and media planning, direct to consumer and direct response marketing strategy, email marketing strategy and copywriting, creative strategy, social media strategy, public relations efforts and content creation projects.

He knows that there is a difference between motion and movement. Anyone can come up with tactical ideas, but the key is asking enough questions to get clear about your goals so you can develop a strategy that includes the tactics that will help you reach your KPIs.

Anthony can’t wait to help you reach your audience where they are with a message that they will be receptive to hear to encourage them to take an action that they are ready to take.

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