Rusty Schultz

Executive Vice President of Operations

Rusty Schultz

Rusty Schultz has established himself as a leader in strategic communications and public affairs – having served on a number of high-profile political campaigns and by working alongside policymakers, press, and stakeholders in Wisconsin’s state house. Prior to joining Platform Communications in 2022, Rusty served as chief of staff to Wisconsin’s Assembly leader where he crafted legislative policies and strategies to tackle some of Wisconsin’s largest policy reforms. While working for the state legislature, Rusty led efforts to develop and execute communications plans for officials and candidates, while also planning and designing content that included print, television, mail and digital advertisements.

Rusty has also worked for a number of political candidates – with offices ranging from local government to statewide contests. Most notably, Rusty served in a communications role during Senator Ron Johnson’s 2010 campaign and joined Gov. Scott Walker in 2018 to spearhead the governor’s digital efforts.

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