Erin Voelkel

Senior Director of Public Relations & Media Strategy

Erin Voelkel

Erin Voelkel leverages her years of experience winning battleground elections and helping members of Congress navigate complex political landscapes and media challenges to advise trade and nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other clients. Her work coaching high-profile candidates and leaders through media training, developing media strategies, and finding success through times of crisis helps clients win the day and see their messages delivered effectively.

Most recently the spokesperson, chief communications strategist, and senior advisor to US Congressman Troy Balderson, Erin has spent years building her career in the nation’s capital. She was previously a spokesperson and the Deputy Press Secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, where she helped shape national coverage to position candidates for success in a difficult election year for Republicans and successfully defended multiple targeted seats. She brings with her a wide range of relationships that span across the country’s political, media, and communications ecosystems.

Throughout 2020, Erin led a sitting member of Congress’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic through rapid, honest dissemination of information and robust legislative and outreach strategies, helping him provide answers and relief to constituents, and cementing him as a source of confidence during a moment of immense pressure and widespread mistrust. Erin brings this background to clients by cutting through the noise and helping each speak to the right people, see a broad vision to meet their goals, and meet those goals through attention to detail and persistence.

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